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H & A Transmissions & Auto Repair - Transmission Tips

  • Check The Fluid Level

    The fluid in an automatic transmission operates the clutches, provides cooling and lubrication, and even drives the vehicle. So few things are more important than proper fluid operating levels for keeping the transmission working. Most automatic transmissions have a dipstick for checking the fluid level. If you are not sure where your's is or how to check the transmission fluid level, refer to your owner’s manual, or stop by today for an assessment.

    Check Transmission Problems Promptly

    Most transmission problems start out small, than get worse over time. Often, you can eliminate major repairs simply by taking care of problems early on. Whether it is a warning light on the dash, a few drops of fluid on the garage floor, or a change in the way the transmission operates, your best bet is to take your car in for service right away. In many cases you will be able to avoid a major repair simply by catching it while it is still a minor one.

    Service Your Transmission Regularly

    Transmission fluids have a number of unique properties that can wear out over time. And when they wear out, you can bet the transmission itself will not be far behind. One of the best ways to keep your transmission in good working order is to have it serviced annually. A complete fluid and filter change every year can add years to your transmission's life, and save you money.

    Install an Auxiliary Cooler

    All automatic transmissions have some type of filter inside them. But these filters vary in effectiveness. Meanwhile, loose dirt and metal particles can quickly erode thrust washer and bushing surfaces, clog up passages, and reduce transmission life. One of the best ways to eliminate these contaminants is to add an in-line filter to the transmission cooler lines. These filters are inexpensive and highly effective in removing damaging particles from the transmission fluid.

    Service The Cooling System

    You may not realize it, but your car's cooling system does more than keep the engine running cool; it also cools the transmission fluid through a heat exchanger built into the radiator tank. So a faulty cooling system can not only damage your engine; it can reduce transmission life as well. In fact, transmission damage may occur long before the engine overheats. To avoid both engine and transmission problems, keep your car's cooling system clean and in tip-top condition.

    Tune The Engine

    The engines and transmissions in today's cars are linked far more closely than in the part. A problem with engine performance can put much more strain on the transmission than one that is running properly. That is another reason why it's important to keep your car's engine in good running order. A good running engine reduces the stress on your transmission, so the transmission can last longer without requiring major repairs.

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